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Shifter Knobs

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Screamin Skull (piston head) $28.00

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Screamin Skull shifter  (black eye’s) $28.00

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Screamin Skull (poppin' eye’s)  $28.00

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Screamin Skull shifter (ruby eye’s)   $28.00 


Flying eyeball shifter knob  $50.00


Flying Eyeball sculpture  


Flaming Eyeball sculpture 



Note: 3D Flame sculptures (4 designs in all, chopped 34 Ford, chopped Merc, Screamin Skull & American Dream bike) are Kustom airbrushed and priced according to amount of detail in painting, also clock mechanisms can be added at an extra charge.  Shipping To Be Added price is subject to change.


Call For More Details and Ordering Information Or Send us an e-mail

Dealer Inquires Welcome

(800) 880-6567 or (818) 755-0822

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