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Our pages can be viewed in HD*VR 3-D™  using the Chromadepth™ Lens system and you can get'em from us in plastic for only $ 12.00 each. Get 2 pair for $ 18.00,  Or Get our Paper 3-D Glasses for Just $ 3.00 each or 2 Pair for $ 5.00. The Shipping is Included. Just e-mail us if ya would like to purchase Some.

We also got a lot of things that ya can get involved with if'in ya want... 

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Join These On-line E-Groups & Clubs

Note: Since Yahoo took over these sites they can be a little tricky to figure out ... just follow their directions and you should be able to get in sooner or later.. it's worth it cuz these groups and clubs can be a lot of fun.

Kustom Kulture Club

Rat Fink E-Group

Rat Fink Chat Room

Hot Rod Deluxe E-Group

Kustom Kulture Art
Below is our Rat Fink webring....  We got Friends All over tha world that would like to meet ya!!!

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And If Yaw Want to Talk To Us Check Out Our Rat Chat Guest Book Just Click The Links Below

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Then every year we have a Rat Fink Party or two or three. You can find out more about this years party by clicking the Link below... 

Find out Info on our Rat Fink.Party and Kustom Kulture Extravaganza for 2001

I want ta see pictures of tha Rat Fink.Party 2000


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