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1960 Car Craft. the Car is Still called the Excalibur

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Quotes From "Hot Rods By Ed "Big Daddy" Roth / Roth Thacker "95"

" I can remember crusin' down Hollywood Boulevard one day racin' this new '69 Chevy and leavin' 'em behind. At the next stoplight I glanced over to see that it was Ricky Nelson. Whenever I got to the shows it was neat to unhitch the trailer to go street racin'. The only un-stock thing about the exterior was I had my name on the door in small letters.

The trailer was a "keep it simple" model courtesy of Ron Aquirre's dad, Louie. It had two tires (one axle) and was the open air variety. Ron built "Xsonic", a bubble topped Corvette with the firest hydraulics courtesy Air Force salvage store. Me and Ron toured the east together in those years. We upset a lotta people with our outrageous cars.

Well you can imagine the excitement when I first showed the "Outlaw" (I named it the "Excaliber" at first 'cause I used my mom-in-law's family Revolutionary War sword, but no one could pronounce the name so I changed it to "The Outlaw" in about 1960). All the guys had been aced out with one grand swoop. I had everything chrome plated. I tool trophy after trophy. Guys were throwin' their hands in the air. "

"How was they gonna beat me? It was really unfair for me to compete and after I got aced out at the Oakland Roadster show (around 1960) for usin' the new nylon lock nuts and not havin' cotter keys in my ball joints I never again tried to complete for trophies. They are spiritual and I carry them in my heart. I figure my stuff is so whacky it can't be judged anyway. I traded for a t-shirt booth and went for appearance money.

I remember jammin' through Kansas with my open trailer and lookin' through the rear view mirror to see if the Outlaw was doing OK and I see the top had blown off in the crosswind. I didn't got back to find it 'cause it woulda been destroyed anyway. The poor farmer that found it musta thought he thought he had a piece off a flyin' saucer."



Rodding and Re-Styling in November of 1961 Bill it as the Outlaw. 

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"Another time Ron was crusin' and had two flats in a row so we put tires on his back axle (he had a 4-wheel trailer) and the front axle had no tires. Noooo problem! We boogied to the nearest Sears store for new ones and kept goin'. "

"Later on as the show circuit got busier I bought me a '57 S&S bodied Cad hearse that I could sleep in. I had the back all decked out with TV and bed and food and stove. Y'know the real important stuff. Trouble was whenever I'd park somewhere to rest the cops'd swoop down on me and surround me. They'd knock on the back door and take my license and run a "make" on it and hand it back to me. I got so used to it that I'd have the license by the door and hand it to 'em and go back to sleep til they got the jollies and then they'd give it back to me with this kind word of advice. "There's a rest area down the road please to there and rest." There was always a rest area down the road someplace."

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