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Howdy Gang ... Moldy here ....  I just wanted to show how Mark Moriarity is comin' along with his Outlaw and at the same time tell ya the story on how all this got started.

Mark purchased the second body produced in September of 2002 and this is where it is as of 12/11/02.

Fact is ya could of sorta say this here project wuz sorta his idea. 

It all started back in April of 2001.  Ya see I wuz tryin' ta figure how we might be able ta come up with some kinda of tribute ta Ed.

Well sir I was a talkin' ta Mark one day and he said "Hey we aught ta build a car as a tribute ta Ed" then he said "Ya know whot would be real kewl is if ya produced the OutLaw as a kit like Ed did in the early dayz.  And he said heck I'd build one if'in I had the plans.

Well that gawt me ta thinkin';  Ya see Robert Williams still had the Ed's original mold. 

So that Friday night I saw Robert at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, CA. I asked if'in he still had the original mold .. and sure enuf he did ! 


The frame was formed up by a friend of Mark's in Michigan who owned the Original Outlaw in the 80's. He was going to clone the car but never
did.  The windshield is from a 22 Dodge roadster.


The Caddy engine came from E bay

The headers were made by Mark, He bought mandrel bent U bends from some headers by Ed had done and cut and welded them together. The rear end and the steering sectors are from a 41 Ford  that a buddy of Mark's  is updating with  a open driveline. 

He told me how he gawt the mold from Jim Jacobs and that Ed told'em a long time ago he could pop some bodies if'in he wanted too.  Robert told me that the mold was in pretty bad shape and would need some repair. It wuz at that time I presented 'em with the idea that maybe if we could repair the mold,  we could produce a few bodies and could maybe raise a few bucks for the estate at the same time.  Well Robert went for it;  but there was one problem.  Now I had to find someone who was really good with glas;  and some one close that we could trust with the original mold.

Well first of all I needed a guy who knew a little something about glas. So I gawt a hold of my good friend Ken Mitchroney and we went over to Robert's to check out the mold. Man that thing looked just like some kind of curiosity that you'd see in some kind'a of museum.. The thing looked like sumpthin' out'ta King Tutt's Tomb.


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