The Members of the Roth Estate are currently compiling a list of those who are interested in purchasing a limited edition Outlaw T-bucket body.

Robert & Suzanne Williams offered the use of the Ed's original Mold for the project. There will be No More than 100 of theses bodies produced.
With proceeds from the sale going to the Roth Estate. 

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Jimmy C and Dena Deluxe the Queen of Art

We don't want to stress out the original mold (pictured below) So our good Friend Jimmy C. will repair the Original mold, pop a male buck from that and then pull a female for our production mold.
So let it be known that the production bodies will not be directly  from the Original,,, they will be but Stepchildren.

Production will be in full Swing As of the Second Week in June 2002.

We are currently taking pre-payments for Outlaw bodies 6-100. 

Outlaw Bodies 2-5 will be auctioned off.  If you want to get on the list e-mail us

All bodies will be numbered and a certificate of authenticity will accompany your purchase.


For pricing on our production models please Give us a call @  (800) 880-6567 or if you are interested in bidding on # 2-5 E-mail Us Or Call (800) 880-6567 


Only inquire if you are serious Please.

Once we are in a full production all prepayments will become non-refundable.

We are only offering the body.  

The Front Cowl Is NOT included. This also means, No Floor Boards, No Frame, No Gages, No Engine, Just the Body. You have to fabricate your own mounting brackets. 

Oil on Canvas David Tanner 2002

The body will be constricted of extremely durable and Road Worthy Fiberglas with a primered gel coat ready fer painting. Any additional reinforcement will be up to the purchasing party. All Parties will have to sign a written disclaimer and licensing agreement for ownership.

For Photographic Up Dates we will be linking to Jimmy C's Website So book Mark This Page and Check in Often.

All purchasing parties release and discharge the Ed Roth Estate, Moldy Marvin, Automated Entertainment, Kulture Shoq, Jimmy Cleveland, Robert & Suzanne Williams and any members or employees thereof for any injuries to the purchasing party or passenger thereof and any and all damages that may occur because of improper installation, or incompetence of purchasing party. 

Click this Link and Find Out: 

The History of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Outlaw


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