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The Members of the Roth Estate in conjunction with, Rat Fink.Org and Kustom Art Studios are currently Offering Outlaw T-bucket bodies.

We didn't want to stress out the original mold. 

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 So our good Friend Jimmy C. with Kustom Art Studios partnered up with us, repaired the Original mold,  popped a male buck from that and then pull a female for our production mold.

001jimi.jpg (25203 bytes)

001master.jpg (53895 bytes)

Jimmy C. With Master Buck

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Let it be known that the production bodies will not be directly  from the Original,,, they will be but Stepchildren.

We Are Now In Full production. 

buckmold.jpg (25516 bytes)

Buck in Mold

The Mold 

mold.jpg (28783 bytes)

Buck in Background

The cost of the Body  is $ 3,700.00 + S+H. 

The cost of the Nose  is $ 1,260.00 + S+H. 

Components will be numbered and a certificate of authenticity will accompany your purchase.

Production body pictured

number1b.jpg (10905 bytes)     Click on the image for a closer Look

Constricted of extremely durable and Road Worthy Fiberglas with a primered gel coat ready fer painting. Any additional reinforcement will be up to the purchasing party.  

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All Parties will have to sign a written disclaimer and licensing agreement for ownership.

All purchasing parties release and discharge the Ed Roth Estate, Moldy Marvin, Automated Entertainment, Kulture Shoq, Jimmy Cleveland, Kustom Art Studios, Robert & Suzanne Williams and any members or employees thereof for any injuries to the purchasing party or passenger thereof and any and all damages that may occur because of improper installation, or incompetence of purchasing party. 

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