New !!!!!!!!!

"Rat Fink Antenna Topper"



We stock other toppers too! Burnin' Tiki, Burnin' Devil and the one that started it all Burny the Burnin' Eyeball

Take yer pick!    $ 6.00 each +S+H

New! New! New!

Check this out !!!! A Topper clip fer yer bike r' whotever! 

Accomidates up to 7/8" O.D.

When purchased separately 
Get (1) fer $ 2.00 +S+H
Get (2) fer $3.50 +S+H
Get (3) fer $4.50 +S+H
Get (1) when ya buy a Topper and get them both for only $ 7.50 +S+H

$ 10.00 Minimum purchase when using your credit card

 Last Up-Date 01//15/04

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