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1st Place Grand Prize Winner

"Rat Fink"

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Chad Scheres .... Glendale, California Age 30

Well gang looks like our viewing audiance went for the traditional Rat Fink look for our winner. It was really close cuz Chad and this traditional Rat Fink only won by TWO votes........



2nd Place Runner up prize

"DISCO FINK With Betty Davis Lips"

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Nancy Starr .... Harlingen Texas Age... She won't Say 

but folks really liked her Disco Fink with Betty Davis Lips

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3rd Place Winner Runner up prize

"Grey Rat Fink"

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Dr. Maryann Humphery-Keever ...... Portland OR Age 57

Get this gang Maryann built this model when she was around 19 years old....  O'l Rat Fink cruized on Maryann's 1950 Ford Dash back then... Well she just recently re-painted Rat Fink and is gonna find a home for o'l Finkey on the dash of her current ride.

"Grey Rat Fink"


4th Place Runner up prize

"Rat Fink"

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Kensey Kotewicz  .... Allison Park PA.  Age 28


The Other Entry's

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Jim LaBarge .... Yuma Arizona Age 49

"Rat Fink Rod Reunion"


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Jon Fassnacht II ...... Salina Kansas Age 20

"Rat Fink's Junk Yard"


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Jon Fassnacht Sr. ...... Salina Kansas Age 46

"Rat Fink's Junk Yard"


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"Mickey Visits His Dad" 

Robert Fletcher.....South Lake Tahoe CA Age 49

Note: This is a very kewl model however the Rat Fink pictured above in this diorama is a mini rat fink taken out of an original Drag Nut kit. Unfortunately this diorama has been disqualified because it is not a full scale Rat Fink model. Robert's Mickey Visits His Dad will be automatically entered in the "Anything Fink" Contest 


This one qualifies !!!!!!!

Robert Fletcher.....South Lake Tahoe CA Age 49

"Rat Fink Meets Stanely Mouse" 

Boy is Ed gonna Love this one...

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