Marty "RoadSavage" Dyer

July 19, 1964 - February 10, 2006

Johnny Ace 2001

"We may now find peace within our faith knowing that Marty was a child of God whose heart was open, trusting and
needful of the Lord's deep embrace. His suffering over...his joy is now born..."

(picture - Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California May 6, 2005)   Jayn


Marty Dyer A Gentle Giant (February 14, 2006)

I first had contact with Marty in 1999. 

We both were members of the Hot Rod Deluxe e-group on the internet. 

Shortly after that I had started and e-group for Rat Fink and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth fans. Ed was still alive back then and Marty was a great 
admire of Ed's and was one of the first members to sign up. 

Marty was very active with the groups and always had something to 

In April of 2001 Ed "Big Daddy" Roth passed away and a bunch of folks went up to Manti Utah to pay tribute to Ed and to go to his funeral. It 
was pretty darned cold that day and even snowed a bit. Most of the folks that showed up either flew up or rented cars and drove up to Manti in 
brand new vehicles. 

After the ceremony at the church we all drove over to the local cemetery for Ed's burial, it was at this time that everyone noticed this that 
there was this couple driving up in a real kewl Slammed custom with a Carson top that had no windows.. Burrrrrr..... In fact it was the only 
fitting car in town that day to represent what Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was all about. 

Come to find out later after the ceremony that it was Marty A.K.A. the Roadsavage and he drove all the way from Seattle! 

I was amazed! Here was the Roadsavage big as day! A "Giant" just like Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. 

He was soft spoken, very kind and I could tell that he felt a little out of place because he did not know most of the folks that were present. 
Well let me tell you Marty impressed everyone that was there. 

After that Marty and I became very good friends. We would email each other several times a week and ended up getting together at several long 
distant events throughout the years, both of us showing up in our prized vehicles. 

Two of these events were Drag Races up in Windover Utah. Marty and I would Race our girls side by side his 54 Chevy and Ophelia my 59' Wagon. 
It never mattered who won the race, it was just good fun! Both of us pushing our mills to see what they could do. It was during this time 
that Marty became a bonified "Mutilator" club member. 

Marty was very talented to, it was amazing how he would produce these little Rat Fink and hot rod related items out of found junk. I remember 
this little hand soap dispenser that he made from a Rat fink Key Chain and a clear plastic soap dispenser that he found at thrift store. I 
could never figure out how he got the figure in the soap dispenser seeing how the top of it seemed too small to fit the figure in. 

In 2003 I put together this model building contest on the contestant had to build a replica of the Yellow Fang a Dragster that Ed 
"Big Daddy" Roth put together with the Bushmaster back in the 60'. The Bushmaster still had the scale plans for the car and I had posted them 
on the web site so the contestants could download them to scratch build their model. 

While everyone else was tearing out their hair trying to build this car.. Marty came up with the coolest one entered. Marty built his model 
from a Hot Chocolate Box by folding it into perspective. It was truly amazing! Marty brought all the way down to Manti Utah to the first 
annual Ed "Big Daddy" Roth open house and Rat Fink Reunion so I could get a good look at it and take some fotos of it. 
if anyone wants to take a look at it they can go to and surf the gallery. 

Marty also made me an eyeball lamp that I still have today! 

Back in April of last year Marty contacted me and told me he told me that he had cancer and that he was coming down for a visit and wanted to 
talk to me. 

A Few weeks later he and Jayn showed up!!! Surprise! We spent a couple of days together talking about old times and stuff one evening I made 
dinner for all of us and at the end of our meal Marty went out to the car and started bringing in all of his Rat Fink and Roth related prized 
possessions that he wanted me to put in safe keeping. I was really over come and as we both sat there tears filled our eyes. Currently all of 
Marty's possessions are on display either behind glass or hanging in my home gallery. 

This last summer Marty and his mother also came down for a visit to experience the Rat Fink.Party and Kustom Kulture Extravaganza. Marty 
even though week was out there with the best of them enjoying the show. 

The only regret that I have is that I was so busy that I didn't have the chance to spend much time with him and the day after he left early. 

Several months had past Jyan kept me informed about Marty's situation, we would send messages to and from Marty with lots of love and hugs for 

Then Marty had called me in the first week of December to tell me that he had decided to go on a starvation diet because the cancer had taken 
over his entire system and he could no longer eat. We had been keeping in touch throughout the past couple of months with phone calls when ever 
he had enough energy to talk. 

It was at this time that Marty told me that he wanted me to have his 54  Chevy custom and take care of her. I was floored and absolutely amazed 
and very honored. I had asked if him if he ever named his car and he told me that he never thought of it. I promised Marty that I would take 
good care of his car and take her to major events I attend to show the world. I recently came up with a name that I thought Marty might like.... 

"The RoadSavage 54". 

Last Friday I got a call from Marty's Mother she told me that Marty passed away and the Marty had requested that I be there as one of his 
pallbearer. I spent all weekend and the past couple of days trying to figure out how I could get up there for the ceremony, unfortunately at 
this time I'm pretty strapped. I called friends, tried to borrow some cash etc. but wasn't able to pull it together in time. I am very sorry 
that I am not there to pay my respects.. I have had some heavy guilt building inside but I know that even though Marty would want me there 
that he would not want me to feel that way. 

It really doesn't matter where we are at this moment, the important thing to remember is that we all have a spiritual energy that God 
provided us with. Throughout the past few months I have been burning candles to ease Marty's pain and suffering and even though the candles 
are now burned out there will always be a burning flame in my heart for my very Special Friend. 

I'm going to miss him dearly and I'm sure that all of you will too. So while we are all spiritually gathered together This Day remember it is a 
special day. 

A day that we celebrate the life of Marty the "RoadSavage" Dyer our Gentle Giant. 

With Love, Respect and God's Blessings, 

Moldy "jeffrey" Marvin 




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