Marty "Roadsavage" Dyer

July 19, 1964 - February 10, 2006

A Message From Marty's Mother

It was a grand funeral.  

Marty would have been proud.  

There was well over a hundred people there, in the middle of the week, at noon .  His casket, paid for by Funeral Director Richard McIntire, was a beautiful green, (Marty’s favorite color) with two pin stripes around the bottom. How “Marty” is that!  

The memorial folders were the most beautiful I have ever seen at any funeral.  Richard McIntire put them together for me, he also did the DVD that was played at the funeral.  Included was Marty’s favorite song by Roy Orbison “In Dreams”.  

The email that Moldy sent, was read by my nephew Jack Moodie.  He had to rehearse it several times before he could read it without tears.  Thank you for loving my Son Moldy.  RoadSavage ’54 is safe here until you can come get her.  Richard McIntire did the eulogy without crying, and only said shit once.  He got a little tongue tied when he tried to tell us that Marty would have said, “Richard, sit down and shut up.”  It was all okay because he loved my son as much as I do.  

Marty’s friend Dave Eady provided the motorcycle escort, free of charge – there were four motorcycles.  These guys were incredible, taking their lives in their own hands in the middle of each intersection.  There must have been 60 cars or more, and these guys would stop all the traffic coming toward us and stop everybody at busy intersections.  There were awesome!  We never stopped at a stop sign or a red light the whole way and it was about 30 minutes to the cemetery from the church.  Funeral Director Jerry Webster sent down his best hearse free of charge so that Marty’s last ride was in a sleek, black Caddy!  

When we reached the entry to the Tahoma National Cemetery , there was the motor escort off their bikes and saluting my Son and the motorcade.  They were absolutely great.  I am so blessed that my Marty had so many friends and people that loved and cared about him.  I know that I’m not the only one missing him.  My heart is so empty.  He was my pride and joy.  He was all I had, and things will never be the same without him. 


His loving Mother,

Jeanie Dyer



"We may now find peace within our faith knowing that Marty was a child of God whose heart was open, trusting and
needful of the Lord's deep embrace. His suffering over...his joy is now born..." Jayn