The Directory of Crazy Vehicles Built by Roth And Other Great Designers 

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Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Orbitron Found! 

"Stealth 2000"

stealth02.gif (32606 bytes)

The "Mail Box"

mbside.gif (58239 bytes) 


The "Candy Wagon" 

cwfront.gif (64002 bytes)


"Roth's Road Agent"

agent.gif (40827 bytes)

See Mark  Moriarity's collection


mqcom.jpg (18480 bytes)


elvis2.jpg (56988 bytes)

 Who's this on one of Ed's Creations ?

"Peace Rat" 

peace01.jpg (37028 bytes)

Currently on Exhibit at the Southward in NZ 

Beatnik Bandit I & II, Yankee Blitz, 

The Fink Mobile & Conistoga Star

rothcars.gif (137658 bytes)

Roth Cars At The National Museum

"Rubber Ducky" 

 rubduk01.jpg (31153 bytes)    rubduk02.jpg (34070 bytes)

Currently on Exhibit at the Southward in NZ 


outlawar.jpg (54647 bytes)  OutLaw T-Bucket outlaw01.gif (78548 bytes) Bodies for sale !!!!  outgreen.jpg (74262 bytes)


surfite.gif (46926 bytes)

The Surfite

edstruck.gif (92564 bytes)

Ed's F100


The Yellow Fang


For More Great Information On Ed Roth's Creations Go to: 


Mark  Moriarity's "Futurian"

prime.gif (64623 bytes)

Vehicles Built by Other Great Designers

roz.jpg (21227 bytes)

Fritz and his Rozwell Rod

Chuck Kaparich's Thunder Pig

Image John Detrich 2001

 Von Dutch "KenFord"

  01frontl.gif (74044 bytes)

1. Anthony's Bubble Top

2. index.4.jpg (9423 bytes)



Marky's Car 

"The Purple People Eater"


Tom Daniel "Red Baron"

job2.jpg (69349 bytes)

The Defibrillator AKA Kartoon Kar

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