Rat Fink 2000 Model Building Contest 

finksters.gif (23295 bytes) O.K. Gang so it's time ta Find out who won our Rat Fink 2000 Model Building contest......

Go To See the Winners:

We also Got a New Contest comin'up Titled "Anything Fink".  That's where you can send in or e-mail us photographs of yer Monster drawings, Models, Sculpts, Anything yes Anything that would be considered Fink. There's only one hitch... You have to be the Artist that Created it. We will have 4 categories Child 6-12 years, Teen 7-17 years, Adult Amateur 18-120 years and Adult Professional 18-120 years

Rat Fink 2000 Model Building Contest Rules: rf2000.gif (56813 bytes)


0401.gif (54377 bytes) Tips Fer Buildin' yer Rat Fink 2000 Model:


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