Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Moldy Marvin's 1st annual Rat Fink.Party Kustom Kulture Extravaganza,

Klassic and Kustom Car Show June 24, 2000  

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It is here The 

Rat Fink party Video 2000


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This woz our first annual Rat Fink.Party and boy woz it great. Next year it's gonna be bigger and better so stay tuned finksters cuz we're already puttin' our plan into effect. Now for you folks that got pictures of this here extravaganza send'em in ta Moldy cuz he woz so busy runnin' around that he didn't get 'a chance ta cover all tha stuff ta see. 


Ya know gang Ed is right, I woz runnin' around so much that I wozn't able ta get pictures of everything so Here's a list of things that we need pictures of:

The car show, Our Ankle Burner Alley Flame throwin' contest, The Charity Raffle and Auction and we still need some pictures of all of the bands. So if'in ya got somethin' ta send us ya can e-mail'em to me and I'll give ya a name credit if we use yer shots.


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