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Roth Originals Currently On Exhibit @ Kulture Shoq Studios North Hollywood CA

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Ed Roth Memorial Store

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Visit our Memorial and Tribute area ! New !!!!!!  

Wind Up Rat Fink 

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OutLaw T-Bucket Bodies for sale !!!!


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Ed "Big Daddy's Roth's Video Archive

 03/20/01 The Directory of Crazy Vehicles

New 03/01 Moldy Marvin goes to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby 2001 New 03/01 !!!

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Hey Gang see who won Our Rat Fink 2000 Model Buildin' Contest

Mothers Worry 2001"

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" U.S. Fuel Altered

Watch Our Progress


New !! Direct From England The Rat Fink Super Gas 67 Camaro Up-Date 07/19/00

New !! Cory Lee And The Rat Fink Funny Car


MaZooMa FinKs We're makin' a documentary Movie about Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and his influences on Teens back in the 50's and 60's and how he has effected us now in the new millennium of Kustom Kulture and we want YOU ta send yer Stories. 


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Monsters By Mitch


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Race ?

Hear Rat Finks Voice

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Order You Own Copy Of Hip Stories for Hip Kids

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BB McGraw

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It's Here Moldy Marvin's Catalog

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Of Extremely Useless Stuff

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Kustom Kulture Club

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Rat Fink Chat Room

Car Kulture A.K.A. Hot Rod Deluxe E-Group

Kustom Kulture Art
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I want ta see pictures of tha Rat Fink.Party 2000


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